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Software Developer

I've been a developer for about 6 years now and throughout these years I learned some languages, solved some problems and made some friends. I started as a full stack developer I'm specializing in backend development and I made some small projects in Nodejs, C# and Golang.

Full Stack Internship

May 2018 - December 2018

During this period I worked in some projects that were pretty difficult for me at the time because I didn't have experience with any of the languages. I developed in Nativescript (a hybrid framework) using Typescript for backend and XML for frontend and I was responsible for the entire workflow of this project, developing new pages, working on backend processes, creating new APIs as well as maintaining the project and publishing the app in Apple Store And Google Store.

I also worked in another project that was made in PHP using Phalcon framework and I had to do a lot of backend development which took me some months to figure it out, understand the architecture and the workflow, but once I got rhythm I became a fullstack developer in that team, working with HTML, CSS and Javascript JQuery and maintaining the backend workflow.

Trainee Developer

January 2019 - December 2019

After getting more experience in Mobile development I began to participate in sprint plannings for new features, helping the team to decide what solution would work best for our apps and this time I worked in multiple mobile projects, creating new features, maintaining and publishing the apps in the stores.

Junior Developer

January 2020 - September 2020

In this period I had all the previous responsibilities, but I started to participate in web projects, helping the team in the planning and development of web platforms, working in new features and maintaining multiple projects including some legacy projects.

In addition, I began to tackle with cloud infrastructure, plugins and tools creation using PHP, Javascript, Typescript and Python as well.

Mid-Level Developer

October 2020 - February 2022

At this point I've worked in most of the projects of the company. I participated in the planning and creation of major features for the most recent platforms, creating tools to communicate with third party software as well as helping and developing solutions for bigger partners.

I took part in the development of a new Data Analytics project that was developed in ASP.NET and we deployed it locally using Docker and further we used our Cloud environment (AWS) to better integrate it with the rest of our projects.

This solution helped the decision making of our leaders as it could store data about multiple processes and projects of the company. This platform could show earnings with dynamic date range, our applications minimum, average and peak connections, our Customer Service received calls and all of that data gave us valuable info that allowed our teams to optimize their processes and workflows.

As our teams grew we saw the need to find a more efficient way to show and demonstrate to new employees how our main projects worked. We decided to introduce a weekly meeting to gather our developers and present our projects to them. That strategy turned out to be a big a success within the company and then we expanded to becoming a small innovation summit that someone would present a new coding language, framework, process or any other tech innovation.

Most of the time me and my leader would bring these new tech to the table, here are some examples: